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I guess with that bump I can bring this up again.

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Just a suggestion, but i feel that the Flame Burst ability could be changed to better round out Eggman's abilities, and to make it a bit easier to use and understand. My idea for the replacement is this: One press of the button Spawns a targeting thing that follows the player's aim, and once it hits an enemy/item box/whatever, it would stick to that object until the player pressed the button again, causing the same effect that the ability has now. Sort of like a lock-on sniping weapon, i suppose.
I still feel the Flame Burst ability needs some sort of change or addition. One way could be to rework it into the idea I had above, or you could just increase the range a little bit. I would say make the horizontal range a bit farther, and the horizontal range should be upped too. And maybe also make the cool off time a little shorter as well. On the subject of abilities, the dash is REALLY just not worth using. If it was an instant speed boost like the actual boss has it would be reasonable. It would still be uncontrollable like it is now, just now it would act like... Yknow, a dash. Also the spikeballs firing out is a bit weird. It SEEMS like they lock onto enemies but Its hard to tell. Anyhow, this is still a pretty fun mod, so I'll still have fun either way.
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