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Star Genesis Fight (True Final Boss) - I really loved the Ristar reference with the nod to his original design and how he was originally intended to be Sega's mascot. While I found this to be overall an easy fight, my main issue came from my inability to correctly gauge depth in video games when it comes to objects flying towards my face, so I had a hard time dodging some of the laser attacks that he loves to spam near the end. I think the lack of difficulty comes from how you can just endlessly spam bullets at the boss, I would say either adding a cooldown or lowering the fire rate could fix this issue and give the player incentive to think about how they place their shots.

I was also looking through the files and was surprised to see that there were unused forms for this boss which was kind of disappointing considering how quickly this fight can go the way it is now.


The depth was an issue with srb2 itself (perspective correction feature would have fixed the issue), so I had two choices on the horizontal bars:
A. remove and replace for something less interesting or
B. keep it and slow them down since they originally went 4*FRACUIT faster
I went with B in the end and lowered speed further and forced the map brightness down to 196, because software lights and darkens objects the closer or farther they are from the screen
Also I intended it to be easy to beat due to the perspective and blockmap refusing to give correct collision boxes, I really hated the way it originally played at the start
Needed to clarify

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