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It is kinda sad to say, but I didn't have as much fun with this installment of the SUGOI series as the first, however I did find some things to enjoy within the poor performance of my windows 10 laptop. Because of this, some levels I couldn't play at their best.

Horrible PC's aside, it was a fairly fun experience. It took me at least a minute to figure out I had to JUMP into the paintings like Super Mario 64 to get into them when I first booted the game up.

The levels were a something I had to get used to as they seemed to use slopes in ways that didn't always work well. Sometimes they worked, while other times they became more of an annoyance as some levels required you to use slopes to progress. That being said, I would've liked to see at least some levels without them, or at least use them with disabled slope physics.

While on the topic of levels, I didn't know about the Emerald Stages until I unlocked all the areas, barring the bedroom and the gallery. It was a nice choice to have a separate area for the levels that award the Chaos Emeralds, as it makes it much easier to get that true ending. However, I personally found the stages to be quite difficult as they are the only ones with certain gimmicks, some of which were not properly introduced. A future fix could be to have an easier level for each stage to act as a tutorial.

As for the Ending...
Spoiler: Normal Final Boss
The Normal Final Battle was quite challenging, though I expected something along the lines of an anime boss. Not that it's bad, it was very creative. However, I must say that some of the regular bosses were harder.

And for the TRUE Ending...
Spoiler: True Final Boss
I was surprised to see the boss use the Final Battle from Kirby:
Planet Robobot with the entire fight nearly recreating it in SRB2. An issue of mine with the battle is that you can just hold down the jump button to shoot the boss and only have to worry about dodging the incoming attacks which made the whole thing become tedious very quickly. I would be a neat idea to give the boss a shield that it can bring up to reflect the shots back at the player, to make things slightly more interesting, or at least have a cooldown for your standard shots.

In short, this was a fun experience.
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