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Finally was able to download this, but first I want to say its good to see people with similar tastes :p

Now, my opinion on this, great job. I personally found the map pack (excluding ice cap) very entertaining.

the reason why I think so, is it has unique maps which were cool to see in srb2 along with great entertainment, meaning they looked good, and were fun.

ice cap however, was cruel to play. There are many things I disliked about this level, but the most important I feel the need to discuss, are the crumbling fofs. Some of these fofs look like any other floor, and unless the player replays an area at least 3 times, nothing could distinguish a normal floor or a crumbling floor. Another problem with these crumbling fofs is that there were some parts where the crumbling fof is a long path which the player needs to run across. Scratch that, jump and speed thok for your life. The difficulty spike this level caused kinda ruined the flow of the game. I wouldn't mind the difficulty of this level had there been a build up to the difficulty, however it was a straight change from simple gameplay, to difficulty due to the player not knowing what was a hazard or pathway.

but other than ice cap, good job :p.
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