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Hey man, I was playing this pack the other day in a server and I think it's actually really great!
It has some minor resemblance to the original game, Just enough for you to stop and go, " Oh- Hey! I recognize this!" but it also kind of goes off in it's own direction which leaves you kind of wondering and excited to see what new was added.
To be honest, This got me super excited. I love when people add their own twists to classic levels and Sonic Adventure, being my favorite Sonic game(how cliche), made me even more excited.

I did notice over the server when we were in the Ice Cap zone we got a tad bit of lag and I actually [I]haven't[I] played this pack single player yet so I didn't have anything to compare it to, but let's face it; it could have been lag from bad connection, People trying to join- Anything was possible, So I'm not gonna get all nit picky about it. ( I also was never a big fan of the icy levels since I don't like the snow so I doubt I'll come across that level ever again.)

The only really downside I think to this would have to be Amy.
Although she was kept true to Sonic Adventure representation of Amy Rose and reminded me of how much I hated Amy in Sonic Adventure, Again, I'm not gonna get nit picky about it because it's an easy fix.
One, If you don't like Amy- simply don't play as her.
and Two, If you do like Amy, like me, add in one of your own Amy wads and you'll never notice a difference. I do think that if the wad is gonna come with a character like Amy, she should be able to complete the levels, But this is your wad. I'm not gonna tell you what to do with it.

All in all, I think it's a great level pack. Definitely worth the download.
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