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Alright then.

To let you know, no one has ever successfully created a level pack based from a video game.. ever. They always end up the same. Terribly. This is coming from an actual mapper of this type and I feel like I influenced you to do so. I'm going to be honest with you and tell you the truth.

First, let me applaud you for creating this with your own style. It's original, and generic. That's a good first step to creating a mod based from a video game, but.. that's probably all the greatness you achieved out of creating this. Aside from that, this was not fun or interesting to play at all.

Um. What I don't understand is why did you include Amy and why did take away her abilities included from her wad? That was pointless, and seperates Amy from being a fun useful character to just moving sprites you can only jump with. Not only that, but she can't even complete the first level. I feel like you included her just because the actual game did, but if that was the case, you'd include Big and E-123456 Robot character. Either scrap her completely from this project, or scrap her completely from this project. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are just fine, if she doesn't prove any use like she does now.

From what I noticed from just playing this, all of your stages consisted of the same thing. Either button hunting, or enemy busting and that got pretty old real quick and just makes it completely boring. All the stages were linear. Not technically, but what I mean is there's only one direction to go and that will decrease the value of replay. All the textures you implemented are horrid to look at. On a GOOD note though, you do have some skill in your sector base scenery. I'll give you credit for that. You definetly have some good knowledge on mapping and that's just awesome, but it's not working with this mod. Tiny things throughout your maps, like the upside down gravitational gimmick in Sky Deck was neat, tricks like the "long raising platform" where you had to immediately reach the other side was a little fun and challenging too in Lost World, also the button that sinks the spring under water to get high air out of it was clever too that was in Ice Cap. Why didn't I get more of this? Each of these ideals make a level interesting and fun. Not repeatedly, but have more ideas like this.

If I was to suggest something for this, have something interesting that makes the level distinct from the other or just steal the ideas from the levels in the game. Like in Emerald Coast have a killer whale chasing after you while you're on a long bridge for a visual effect or cinematic scene, but if you want it to have a great effect, I'd suggest you do it in 2D and you'd have to draw well, and SOC. (This is possible because I'm Thompson ;P) Rather than what most you have in every level is just straight platforming and running with random enemies unrelated to the theme lying around.

In conclusion, you're a decent level-designer based on your own style, and I see more potential in you. But, this is a bit less than average compared to a great level pack. I'm not trying to down this, but you're wasting your time. (Actually that is kind of downing)

If you want to continue doing this project, go ahead. OR you could do like me, scrap this, and make beautiful levels of your own style and choice, rather than forcing yourself to do something based from something else you may or may not want to do. Seeing as there has been no success in video-game based mods for SRB2, the chances of this being successful to the majority of the community is slim to none.

EDIT: Also, Casinopolis. The ring hunt idea has a problem. If a player were to collect all the rings in the stage and gets hit by an enemy, they can only recover 20 rings, therefore making the level un-finishable.
Solar Egglipse in progress.

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