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It's simple. ZarroTsu is quite stubborn on what he believes is right. This is true for myself, so I knew exactly how to handle it. If I don't show just what I can do, he won't change a damn thing. We'd be stuck playing those maps that a majority of us don't like at all, simply because "they need replacements", despite the still quite LARGE amount of maps sill on display (typically, the average set of races barely goes past the halfway point on the map rotation, if even). Any replacements would either take ages, or be rushed, and thus, of horrible quality, with constant fixes, until we decide we must scrap THOSE maps, possibly causing a cycle of horrible maps that never get any better. All because ZarroTsu wouldn't have known when to know we should just simply scrap maps with no replacements.

As a result, I had to remind him that ultimately, D00DKart is an EXTENSION of SRB2 Kart, not a part of it. And that part I do indeed have ownership of. Zarro's maps, SRB2 Riders default maps and guest maps are technically not mine, but the default Riders maps have been improved to the best of my ability, even though quite a few could not be salvaged (Except Dry Dry Desert, which just needs to swap out the sandfall part with something). As for guest maps, they were provided with permission to me, not ZarroTsu, so I still hold more control over them than ZarroTsu does. ZarroTsu could have removed D00DKart himself, but he couldn't let himself do that. His maps and SRB2 Riders defaults are not enough for this mod.

SRB2 Kart was a great piece of work, but D00DKart is something else entirely. If ZarroTsu wishes to tie it into SRB2 Kart, it must abide by my call. If I wish to modify D00DKart all I like, than ZarroTsu has to comply. He has no right to say "I refuse to take out these maps without replacements", and I have the right to say "I want these maps out of the rotation", and if I don't explicitly remind him of that by force, he won't listen. He is stubborn, but I am to, and even I know when to admit defeat if I am provided good enough reason. Yes, it can often take ages for me to get to the point Cloud Cradle K-E was originally a joke until I realized just how much better it played, and my constant efforts spanning over MONTHS, trying to fix Crawla Cape and Dusty Dunes was completely worthless in the end, and I had to realize it. But ZarroTsu needed to realize that D00DKart is not just something he can take direct control of. It is still "D00D"Kart after all.
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