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Alright, I've played through (almost) all of this, and I admit, it was fun! You captured that heroes aesthetic approach with the textures, while still leaving it classic enough to not look TOO alien to SRB2. I'm not going to go into an in-depth review since that'd take forever, but I want to share my few gripes with this:

-Most of your gimmicks start out as punishing.

You used pits over gimmicks VERY liberally and frankly it got annoying after I accidentally pressed left at an automatic rail and fell to my death for the 3rd time. A few example of this would be : The first dice platforms in Casino Highway( which shouldn't be a problem since hey, it's just a vertical platform, right? except that jump is...a little too tight), almost ALL the automated rails after Rail Station, the falling platforms and the rails you have to JUMP OVER in Egg Fortress, etc. I'm sure you can figure out what kills you instantly. You should give the player SOME leeway to move with error.

(also rails killing you if you move is stupid overall, just make them zoomtubes or something)

-Some gimmicks are not introduced at all

This mostly goes for the last 2 zones, but; Mystic Castle's "breakable walls with the fan area" left me stumped for a good 3 minutes, and I only proceeded because I remembered that the original level had that exact same gimmick. This is because the walls blend in SO BAD, I actually had to actively hunt for black dents in walls. Either make it more obvious, or...yeah just make it more obvious.

Same goes for the falling platforms in the Final Fortress portion. They fell much more slowly and gave you an easier time in the original. Here? You BETTER know they're going to fall, because those are the platforms you'll land on 15 seconds into the area! You can make them slowly descend I guess, just use a "move floor/ceiling by linedef" trigger.

-The bosses suck.

It's not your fault, but they're unfitting. Not that there's anything to do about it.

-The last levels...killed me?

I don't know what bizarro bug I encountered, but the Metal Sonic race just kills me around the 1:20 marker, on some grey platform outside. I can't exactly tell where it is, but it's the exact same place everytime. And I know it can't be Metal Sonic, because if that was the case he'd have a countdown first...right?

Aaaaanyway, what might look like a dumb wall of text is actually a few nitpicks you can fix in no time, so don't worry. I might get around to writing reviews for each level sometime in the far future. Still a great WAD!

(also egg fortress' songs don't loop properly you said they were perfect what the hell)
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