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I kinda feel bad about the effect I put on this mod, and while I've already talked about this with Swift (maybe), I really do want to see more in the future. So I'll review the current levels in the pack: Emerald Isle, and Marine Chateau.

Emerald Isle: While I still remembered the moment it was FSonic based, it's so much better here. It's really extensive and while there were some areas that really don't fit their purpose in a race scenario, I just love how beautiful and branchy some of the level design is.

Marine Chateau: A water level. A race level, that involves water. At best I think this stage has great pacing... outside of the beginning of the race. The climb to the breaking bridge in my opinion feels like a complete slowdown and a rough catch up for poor non Sonic players that don't have good verticality from the ground like Tails and Knuckles. What does feel a little bad about this stage is that it's awfully short. It's good, but it only lasts for so long, at the same time I'm not sure how well the stage can continue.

This has definitely improved a hell of a lot since I last reviewed it. Though I'll admit seeing most of the original stages go really cut the pack super short, especially because if you add this with the circuit returns, you lose Race Alley and Emerald Coast to Emerald Isles and Marine Chateau. Really hoping some more levels come around for this pack. Great Job Swift.
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