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Originally Posted by nothing View Post
I keep trying to play the game with the launcher, but it won't work.

<insert long bug report here>
Could you please give information on how you reproduced this error? "I keep trying to play the game with the launcher, but it won't work" isn't very specific, are you clicking play? Is the launcher not opening? What settings did you change?
I can't help until I know exactly what is happening. Try deleting the "riderslaunchercfg.xml" file in your srb2 directory and then re-opening the launcher.

EDIT: It says there is a file missing. Are you putting this in the folder with all of your srb2 binaries? (srb2win, srb2.srb, characters, music) as well as including all files required for srb2riders to run?

EDIT2: If you are trying to use DirectDraw, try switching to SDL (srb2win) because DirectDraw is not supported, so the game might be looking for a missing srb2dd.exe, but I will not push a new launcher release with the DirectDraw option removed until the solution to this problem is found.

EDIT3: If the solution is not found in the next few days I'll push an update which adds more problem diagnosis features (like specific error messages for each step that fails). Also I am lead to believe that it is the executable that is not found, as "button3" is the game launch button, as well as the fact it's not SRB2 complaining about a missing file.

EDIT4: I've decided that it's definitely a case of the launcher not finding the exe file. Make sure you're not trying to use srb2dd and make sure the launcher is in the same directory as the game itself. If you want the launcher on the desktop create a shortcut.
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