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Originally Posted by Duon the Adventurer View Post
Hoo boy... um, since I just got this request... If anyone wants to submit an Airboard type of level, you can PM me for help on setting up the map for submissions. If you are trying to submit a Foot Racing map to the mod, DON'T. Put it in submissions as a normal racing map. Do NOT use this mod as a way to get past submissions, if it's been rejected, do not approach me with your rejected map.

Also. I'll be creating a secondary .rar file (in either this one or the levels addon) to give you the airboard related tools and a MAINCFG I use as a reference for making maps. (Or should I put this in Editing Help? Admins, whaddaya say?)

also sorry for the double post.
Your post mentions that foot races will have to go through the normal system of submissions in the MB, but does that mean the Riders race maps will be judged by you and put here, or are you asking people to submit them as rider dependent addons, and thus just go through the normal submission system on the MB? This could also work I would think, given releases such as Team Pony have recently come out, being dependent of a mod, but still being submitted regularly.
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