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Not gonna lie, BS was fun for a SS in S3&K but having to play it to unlock content was a bad design choice. Especially because even in S3&K to get all the emeralds you only had to play 14 of them while to get all the unlockables in mania you need to beat 32. If anything it would be cool if you could unlock things in TT like in SRB2.

BS gets tiring after a while, especially if you're like me and stop at every star post just to get them over with. They should have also made it a little more clear that gold medals are only for the achievement and not to unlock more content. For the past 2 days I thought I had to get perfects to unlock stuff when it turns out you just have to beat them.
Why? It's optional. You could say beating them to unlock SS is the same as beating to unlock content. While I agree it breaks the flow of levels you're never forced to jump into the BS games and it's just you who wants to unlock everything. Which is okay. But that's not really the game's fault when you can ignore it just fine, and the unlockable content is nice stuff like sound test but not necessarily something huge like a new zone that you may feel like you HAVE to unlock.

I sort of think the SS transformation thing is nitpicking (which everything is in a game as good as this, honestly) when the game is short enough that starting a new save without collecting emeralds is just as viable. I mean, did anyone get them all on their first playthrough? Yet I also agree because I played Sonic 2 the other day and it was pretty annoying.
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