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It means that whatever you make has to actually work in vanilla's gameplay structure. While I'll need to write out some real limitations later, an easy way to think about it is that if the level would make sense in vanilla, it'd be fine. Out of all the things you listed, the only one that could be problematic would be an additional shield, as we're trying to limit complexity in that regard. Of course, if the level was good enough, we might be willing to stretch things a bit in that regard.

Essentially, the main purpose of that line is to ensure that maps use vanilla gameplay mechanics. For example, Dumbventure wouldn't work because it's based around a custom character's mechanics. Another example would be Zipper's Quickman map from a couple contests back, which changed the gameplay entirely to recreate Mega Man. As long as the vanilla three characters are playing the level normally, you shouldn't have anything to worry about.
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