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Singleplayer only as I don't play multiplayer:

Haunted Heights > Ring Valley > Mud Mines

Haunted Heights: Visually, this level is awesome, as expected. Gameplay-wise, it's pretty fun too. Let me just name some nitpicks I have with this level:

- There was one little texture inconsistency in the level where a wall wasn't climbable although having a texture that was climbable in another part of the level. This is very minor though.
- The enemies are a little too common and a little too strong. I generally dislike projectile badniks though.
- While Knuckles' path is specifically designed not to be skipped with climbing, the rest of the level isn't. This leads to a huge difficulty spike in the middle with Knuckles, at least when you're trying to skip everything by climbing.
- Conveyor belts in Knuckles' path are a bit problematic due to Knuckles sliding after gliding when touching the ground, which doesn't really seem to work with conveyors.

Apart from those flaws, a very nice level with awesome custom content.


Ring Valley: Gameplaywise everything has been said I think.
Visuals are nice and look great, but here are the nitpicks you wanted:
- If it wasn't that impressive, I'd probably say the lens flare immediately has to go. It really doesn't fit IMO, but it's quite an achievement.
- The boss arena had some visual glitches with the white flower flats which sometimes were displayed above the player.
- The sky of the boss arena looks kinda dull.


EDIT: +0,1 points because I like spinach.

Mud Mines: This was quite good, but not as good as the competition. Some visual glitches and mediocre gimmicks prevent this from being better than the other levels. It was also a long level, which you might want to change if this is going to be a three-act zone.
The gameplay was solid though.


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