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Too many gimmicks in this OLDC in my opinion.

Single Player Division
Spoiler: Reviews
*all single player levels were played as Sonic
Ring Valley Zone by RedEnchilada
At first I wasn't really on board with the whole idea as rings being the main macguffins here, but somehow you made it work. With the level design complimenting the gimmick and the Ring Depositories, I can safely say that I had a good time playing through this. Although the lens flare was a little distracting, thank goodness you made it weather or not to have the lens flare off or on. I didn't really care that much for the new enemy but the boss was pretty fun and I applaud you for incorporating the physics for the wrecking ball even though it took some time to get used too. Nevertheless, it was a pretty interesting map. Especially with the visuals.

Mud Mines Zone Act 1 by "Lat'" and Ors
"USE SOFTWARE AT YOUR OWN RISK!" The first thing I asked myself, "Why do I need to use Software at my own risk? That's kinda weird." Once I start up the level I can see why. The level is okay design wise but it's all ruined with the lighting. I understand that you only work in OpenGL and not in Software, that's fine. You just need to accommodate for software players because it's really unfair for Software only players because the whole level is either very dark or pitch black all together and it's annoying and not fun at all. To be honest, I did not complete the level which I know that's not fair, but honestly I lost all my tolerance I had after the fork in the road near the first checkpoint and that one building with the pipes that was pitch black. Both of the gimmicks in the fork in the road were awful in execution and very hard to navigate through because it was dark. I'll stop beating a dead horse here and end my review for this level. In the future, try to accommodate for software players first and then do some cool things with OpenGL.

Haunted Heights Zone by Evilgasm
What can I say? This level was 2spooky4me. But seriously, I had some trouble with the level at first but after my second or third playthrough, I enjoyed the level and it's theme (even though we're a day late). If there's one thing I can say about the level is the disappearing and reappearing platforms. Maybe after the little breather the player has before moving on to the next set of platforms, maybe have another teleporter teleport the player back to the midway section of each pattern to make it less repetitive. Other than that, that's all I have to say for the most part. Hope you have something up your sleeves for the next OLDC.

Spoiler: Single Player Division as of 11/1/14
1st. Haunted Heights Zone
2nd. Ring Valley Zone
3rd. Mud Mines Zone Act 1

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