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I didn't have time to play all of the levels but this is my voting for the multiplayer maps this far:


Moonlit Island by Spherallic
Burning Oak by Brawl
Dark Mansion Zone by BlasterGuy

Moonlit Island is a decent map, too many pits in some parts but it's ok.

Burning Oak and Dark Mansion are both not as good as normal match maps, let's start with Burning Oak:
I placed this one higher than Dark Mansion because it's that broken that it's funny and not boring. The bottomless pit doesn't work, there is ring spam(and weapon ring ammo) everywhere but no normal weapon ring powerups. Another big problem is that the map is a giant cliff, so most of the time when you get hit you will fall down into that non working pit...
There is also another issue if you turn off the skybox.

Dark Mansion
This map is huge and empty, which makes it very boring. Was this a hangout map at one point ? Some rooms don't make sense, so this is a castle, but why do some rooms look like a lab ?

Capture the Flag:
Evilflower Zone by Zipper, SpiritCrusher, Badz, Spherallic and RedEnchilada and r543
Eggflagsion by CoatRack
Industrial Starlight Zone by BlasterGuy

Evilflower Zone

This map has some really nice details but the paths got a bit confusing.

Industrial Starlight Zone
This map is full and empty at the same time. The first base room was ok, a bit annoying that the crushers are there and that the belts help the other team to rush into the base than keeping them out. The room after that was very empty. From what I've seen, the map is in a U shape(the ends are the both bases) with some alternate paths in the middle. I don't think that this layout was a good idea.

Single Player
Haunted Heights Zone by EvilEnternity3000
Ring Valley Zone by RedEnchilada
Mud Mines Zone 1 by "Lat'" and Ors

Can a moderator please fix the credits for Evilflower Zone ? I helped with that map.

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