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The projectile page isn't clear on how to use projectiles because there are many ways to use them. For instance it lists many actions that do exactly that, such as the A_SplitShot one you've chosen to use there. =P

That said I'm not sure if you're using A_SplitShot correctly there...

From A_SplitShot's wiki article (
Var1 determines the horizontal offset from the target's position to aim for; the offset is added to one missile and subtracted from the other. Var2's lower 16 bits determine the Object type of the missile that is shot. Var2's upper 16 bits determine the height offset the missiles are shot from.
if you're confused about the lower/upper 16 bits thing for Var2, it just means you need to set Var2 to "MT_OBJECTTYPE+(height<<16)", MT_OBJECTTYPE being the type of Object you want the actor to fire and height being the height offset (relative to the z position of the actor's bottom).
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