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Originally Posted by Neo Chaotikal View Post
It has become quite obvious that he either doesn't listen, or otherwise will never get it right, so it's quite understandable to see giving him pointers and encouragement as a waste of time.
Heh, I was expecting an answer like this, and I'm prepared.

The thing some people don't realize is that everyone learns in different ways. It's an established fact that some kids learn best by listening to others, some by reading for themselves, some by doing it with their own hands, some by watching others do it, and some by having someone come up beside them and help them. It's not that they're retarded or anything, it's just that they're wired differently. Obviously, some are more lucky than others, in that they can learn average in pretty much every situation, but others, not so much. This also explains why some people do absolutely HORRIBLE in the traditional school setting, despite trying their hardest.

What I'm guessing is that Glaber just isn't wired to recieve teaching in the same way as a lot of people.
A dome structure? something that could be filled with diatomaceous earth?
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