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I agree with Ice. Glaber definitely has some serious shortcomings as a level designer, but they're all things he could easily overcome. First, when he gets an idea, he becomes fixated as all hell upon making that idea happen, no matter how many people tell him it will suck. Second, he is willing to make levels he knows are horrible for the sole purpose of proving a point or containing a gimmick.

In spite of all that, Glaber still has plenty going for him. First, he has experience - a hell of a lot more than most of us, in fact. Second, he has actually made one or two halfway decent creations lately. I'm all for a new Glaber creation in the next contest. At best, he'll break some new ground. At worst, he'll still be a comical highlight of the event.

Originally Posted by Charybdizs View Post
Oh, and something about the name... I just happened to notice that everyone calls every dumb wad by its complete filename. e.g. House21.wad, HMS1123211.wad, stuff like that, so I thought it was only appropriate to name this the same way. XD
Well, yeah, but not in the actual level header. House21.wad is officially called "Hyper House", for instance. But I still get it, and I do think it's funny.
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