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The S_SKIN values in SRB2 are unsigned 8-bit numbers, so they range from 0 to 255. Your accelstart value of 256 is therefore too high, and the game is interpreting it as 0—that's why your character can't move.

Character skin colors, as I'm sure you've noticed, are defined by the startcolor and prefcolor values in the S_SKIN. Startcolor is the index value of the first of 16 colors to be remapped to the indeces specified by prefcolor. What's happening is, by setting startcolor to 230, you're telling the game to convert indices 230 - 245 to the blue skin color—the reason Sonic looks really light blue here is because 230 is one of the darker blue colors, but you're remapping it to the start of the blue skincolor, which is also light. If you can find out which index the lightest blue on your sprite is, use that value as the startcolor. I bet it's either 224 or 226.
Okay, I put it to 226 this time, and it worked! Thank you!

But then there's other problem... Movement.

As I said multiple times before, I think I messed up the stats a little bit in S_SKIN, so I can only move if I spindash, and then I'll be able to move freely until I stop moving, and then I'll have to do it again. Also, I want to make my stats the same as Sonic's, although since Sonic's S_SKIN file is hardcoded (I guess), I don't know his S_SKIN stats. Is there any way to see it, or should I just copy off of Tails' stats to give more of an X-Treme feel?

(Also, I'm sorry if my countless questions are getting annoying, I'm new to all of this...)

EDIT: I've tried using Tails' stats for the S_SKIN, and I guess it's working pretty good. I think I'll keep that.

Also, to both you and Monster Iestyn, thank you for helping me. If I do get to posting this in the Character Releases section, I'll make sure to mention you both.
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