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ok first things first, this smells like SRB2 the past. but considering the source material it can't be helped.

I decided to check the red XVI secret in GFZ1 and there's a couple of problems.
1: it can be triggered with no emeralds. In 1.09-1.09.4 you needed the 7 emeralds
2: you're trying to use a multiplayer command to kill the player. In my experience you're better off without the kill part as having that part work can lead to endless death when you load up in Red Volcano. Or if you're good with lua, you may be able to retain that bit.

Also where are the emblems?

I have noticed the silver ring boxes were missing too.

Why does Red XVI give you a bunch of extra lives?
There's a score box in this stage?!

I love that you got the old eggmobile to have the jet fumes.
Red volcano's music is the wrong version
Special stages' tunes should be tunes 50

over all, it's ok, but I have to take a look under the hood at how the red xvi secrets were done here.
(ok I took a look with noclip and open gl and I can come to the conclusion that GFZ1 and 2 may not have been pulled from srb2 the past. Sorry about the suspicion but as I've ported the maps and remade their secrets before, it's something I have to check for when another past map port project comes around.)

Edit: the wad file's compressed, isn't it?
SRB2TP (The Past) 1.08 Now Avaiable
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