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Beach Factory Zone, Act 1 (7/10)
The fences BEG to be soild, as I passed right through them.

The button idea and heading back there was kinda confusing, but it didn't confuse me that much.
Poloy Forest Zone (6/10)
Water, hmm... *Jumps in, and loses Rings.* You could of at least put some kind of warning about why the water hurts you, oh wait, why does the water hurt you anyway?

Some crampness here and there, but I did like the Gargoyle acting as a stepping stone to reach areas that Sonic can't get too.

Also, during the first playthrough, I found a hidden Chaos Emerald, and I DIDN'T even know there were hidden Emeralds in the level.
Dusty Desert Zone (8/10)
This level was alright, the music pretty much fitted in, and I know where it came from, at first, I thought it was going to be that one level from something, but I forgot.

Also, that Thok-able Wall needs fixing, and could of used abit more... you know, you could of also made those sand falls scroll downwards so it looks like its falling.
Mill Citadel Zone (8/10)
Fast is fast, I liked the flour idea, and the one part where your getting pushed to the center and down comes a crusher, ready to kill ya.

The traps need some fixing, Blind Corners and shattering floors.

Also, found one of the Tokens, nice hiding spot for it.
[spoiler:37d7f79e12]Search the flour bins near the Exit Sign.[/spoiler:37d7f79e12]
Frost Mountain Zone Act 2 (9/10)
Sonic CD music, thing is, you forgot to loop it correctly. Good use of the textures, by the way.

Some more paths could be a use, however.

Floating Gardens Zone (4/10)
Isn't the Aerial Garden Zone theme abit overuse? Also, the wide passageways and details are kinda... meh.

The Cloud Bouncing was a nice touch, however.
Darkvile Castle Zone (5/10)
"Which path would you take? The Exit or the Boss?" It was alright, some parts were empty, and such things like that, and the path to the Exit, or Boss was a nice touch, but still...

Only one Water Bounce? =(...
Aqua Caves Zone, Act 1 (8/10)
I liked the Robot Fish and the Normal Fish, but you know... I think they had too much candy, as they kept bouncing off the walls.

The ONLY floor trap that got me was the big one in the room, other than that, it's alright.
Vibrant Vendetta Zone (9/10)
You killed the joke. -_- But this map... nicely done, also I keep hearing about a gimmick for this, so I'm going to try and find what it is.
Eggmansion Zone, Act 1 (4/10)
R.I.P. Software Mode, I knew you well. Some parts have HOM's appearing, and also, one of the textures jumped out, which blocks my view for certain parts, you might wanna fix that.
Water Leaf Zone (7/10)
I like the music choices for this, and also I knew where they came from.

But the dead ends just kinda... got me.

Also, it's not a good idea to hide springs that lets you go on the main path, but for secrets its ok.

Did I miss any?
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