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I know that doesn't work, this is why that lower rout had the springs that got you back up to the normal path. In Tails Adventures, the only way you could get down to where I placed the extra life and ring box (Spark in TA) was to use the napalm bomb.

Beach Factory Zone, Act 1 by Chisuun 6/10
It was decent, but the fence didn't do it's job. you may want to look into invisible FOFs

Water Leaf Zone by Mr. Thompson 7/10
Well done,,,,Mr. Thompson. [/Gman Voice]] Well now, it appears that the rules need clarification. Rating restored.

Dusty Desert Zone by Chrome 7/10
firt thing I wondered was if this level was a sonic 06 copy, then I relaized the level was better designed and only used the music from 06. I was able to beat it with sonic, but not Sally (Expected)

Frost Mountain Zone, Act 2 by HyperKnux 6/10
For some reason, I think the quallitly went down between acts.

Vibrant Vendetta Zone by SonicMaster 10/10
Feel my Bright Revenge! This stage was well designed and I was able to get to the gimick with the celing with Sally.

Edit: I just beat the level again with Sally, Tails and Knuckles. Each reaching a different end. All I got to say now is, THE CAKE IS A LIE!

Floating Gardens Zone by Kyasarin 6/10
Map Slot unknown. Falsely labeled as S.

Aqua Caves Zone, Act 1 by Blade T. Hedgehog 7/10
You did good. the level felt like an early 1.1/ME level, but the fish could had used a better Ai.

GS Poloy Forest by Glaber N/A
I've been playing this while waiting for the pack to release. This is based off of the first and second parts of Poloy Forest from Tails Adventures

Darkvile Castle Zone by Simsmagic 7/10
It was good, but it was a button hunt, or should I say a door hunt.

Mill Citadel Zone by Ezer.Arch 8/10
Cool, Apple mill, right?

Eggmansion Zone, Act 1 by Knockout the Echidna 5/10
Fix the visual glitches and you would had gotten a 7. Also Lable your wad file with the map number when it is not map 1.
SRB2TP (The Past) 1.08 Now Avaiable
Why wouldn't you glide and climb as Super Knuckles?
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