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Poloy Forest Zone, 5/10
This map is simply OK. There were some awfully cramped spots, but on the contrary, there were parts well designed enough to earn a 6-7. The gargoyle gimmick was brilliant and I wish other aspects of the level were as cool as that. The thok barrier was admittedly cool, but it felt cruel.

You also have a part that appears to have Sonic try to shatter a block from below. Well, it doesn't work, so there's only one path. =/

Dusty Desert Zone, 7/10
I would have given this an 8, but Linedef 2202 is one-sided and Sonic can touch it. If you stand on the sector at 4619, 6704, 752 and face west, you can thok through that wall.

This is well made as far as sector layout goes, and has a few gimmicks, but it could use a few more gimmicks. I really wish you had done some better texture alignment with the circular sectors, though.

Mill Citadel Zone, 9/10
This level was really quite fast, and almost too fast, but it had enough platforming to be great. This level had a lot of gimmicks, and they were appropriate and fun as well. I really liked the spike balls in the flour flow and the continuously falling clumps of flour.

While this has admittedly several flaws, some resulting in death, they're not really that frustrating. First of all, fix the blind corner traps and remove the shatter block floor traps.

I wish levels like this could be in the OLDC more often. Put in several epic gimmicks and remove a few cheap traps and this could be 10/10 material.

Frost Mountain Zone Act 2, 9/10
Oh, my word. Even better level design than Mill Citadel with the awesome texture choices from last act. You really need to align textures, though. You never do. =/

This had the perfect blend of speed and platforming, and had a total of three flaws. One of the staircases has a gap between the top stair and the last platform, and if you didn't know it before, you'll fall into the water, possibly into a Crawla. That's not too bad. Another flaw in this is the fact that this is only one path. The other one is where you have to hold backwards to hit the one spring (that everyone is complaining about =/). However, the bottomless pit isn't very frustrating at all, due to the fact that I like the rest of the stage so much. Otherwise, this level's design was flawless.

Add multiple paths, some epic gimmicks, and this will be golden.

Floating Gardens Zone, 4/10
Chaos, every single one of your levels I've seen are so large and use such wide passageways. This level had pretty much no detail to speak of, and it was really, really flat. The bouncy clouds were the only thing I liked. Also, how many of us have used the Aerial Garden Zone theme? Too many. We need to use the Second Quest Aerial Garden theme more.

Darkvile Castle Zone, 6/10
Not bad, actually. Your best 1P one yet, in fact. Mostly pretty average, but has a good amount of turns and enough platforming, but some spots feel a bit empty. I wish you would have used the skipping stone gimmick more than just once; I liked it. D= Also, the fact that one path ends with a boss and the other with an End Level Sign was quite creative.

Beach Factory Zone, 5/10
It's linear. The texture choices weren't good, and the misalignment looked ugly. The glass was tutti-frutti in Software; the water outside had no colormap. Also, the whole button press where you go back into the factory didn't really help the level at all. Instead, it should have been continued further through the beach. Otherwise, it was all right.

Aqua Caves Zone Act 1, 7/10
The second half is much better than the first half. Crumbling platforms are cheap in general, so you might as well have removed them. The fish were almost completely ineffective as being an enemy because they almost never hit you.

The waterslide was executed quite well, and the rising water gimmick helped make this level feel more professional. The moving spikes gimmick was also executed well. A good addition for your mod.

Water Leaf Zone, 7/10
This is better than last beta; don't get me wrong. I think the reason I rated it an 8 the last time is because the quality is a HUGE contrast from the levels of your Sonic '06 mod.

This level is quite competent and nonlinear, though it seems like some paths are simply inaccessible as Sonic. D= The visuals were pulled off nicely. The reason this isn't an 8 again is because there's one really bland platforming spot (at the music change) and the floating spikeballs. I never have gotten hit by the spikeballs unless I try, but some people may not always try to be in the center of the path, and they're invisible until you actually pass them.

Eggmansion Zone Act 1, 6/10
Yet another good level. The one crusher room is very difficult to figure out where the crusher ends and begins. There were some spots were it felt like enemies were being abused and what not, as well. Otherwise, the level design is pretty much classic, professional, old-school Sonic. =D

Vibrant Vendetta Zone, Mine/10
Well, it was bound to happen eventually. I'd rather have me do it than someone else who isn't good in mapping. I still need some work on applying themes, but oh, well. I hope you guys like the gimmicks.
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