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Here's the 2.2 palette and existing skincolours again, if you explicitly wanna make something for it instead of fiddling around with custom shades.

There is a chance 2.2 may have more skincolours than the ones in this image. If I create them myself, I'll show them off here; if, on the other hand, stuff I find here is sufficiently cool, it COULD end up in the main game - without inclusion in the credits, since it's not really that important, but you'll go wild with the tremendous pride that arises or your money back.* If you're happy with this, please mark your posts RMP, for "Reuse Maybe Please".

EDIT: Please stop submitting RMP stuff for now, thanks! I'm going through the lot that currently exists and it's difficult to settle on stuff when the pile keeps on getting added to. Non-RMP stuff is okay to share.

Happy rainbows!

*You didn't pay us anything, so you don't get any money back. Sorry!
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