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Default SRB2 v2.0.5 is now available!

SRB2 v2.0.5 has been released. Sorry for the longer than expected wait, but hopefully the fixes will be worth it and we've gotten most of the nasty bugs out this time. This is mostly a bugfix release, so don't expect a bunch of new content, but some minor tweaks have been made, especially to the master server.

You can download v2.0.5 either from the download page or via the updater. In addition to the full installer, we’ve also provided a v2.0.4-to-v2.0.5 “patch” for those already equipped with SRB2. We have also uploaded a brand new torrent. If you can, we'd appreciate it if you used the torrent if you need to download the full version instead of the patch as it saves us bandwidth.

v2.0.5 Patch Notes
These notes are not comprehensive, but they cover most of the important changes done to 2.0.5.

- Improved control mechanics while scaled and under reverse gravity.
- Pressing the Rankings key now hides any irrelevant HUD items from view.
- Version number is now displayed on the main menu.
- Added a menu prompt for enabling cheats.
- Hall of mirrors protection now defaults to on.
- The TUNES console command can now accept a value of “default” to play the song defined in the level header.
- Tumbleweed are now affected by wind and other pushers.

Single Player
- Added a “No Save” option, similar to Sonic 3K.
- Various enemies and scenery items purged from CEZ2 to help improve framerate.
- The platforms in the cannonball room in CEZ2 are now accessible via stairs.
- Adjusted zoom tube start locations for ERZ1 to make triggering easier.
- Added a supplementary safe zone at the far end of the space countdown area of ERZ1.
- Crumbling ERZ3 platforms removed; climbable hanging pillars added behind each of the main pillars.
- Numerous small tweaks to fix little things.

- Implemented customizable room-based system for hosting and joining netgames, each with their own MOTD.
- Master Server rules have been completely redone and simplified.
- On connection to the MS, SRB2 now notifies you if your game is out of date or if you have been banned.
- In-game notifications have been added if a server has enabled cheats.
- “-room” parameter added for dedicated server usage.
- Servers now provide more information about games to the master server.
- Kick/ban messages are now customizable.
– Vastly improved consistency handling, fixing consistency failures in CTF.
- Flag return timers now display on top of the flag icons instead of as text.
- Clients can now add music WADs during netgames without being kicked.
- You can now view the name of teammates online by facing them, similar to Demo 4.35. This can be controlled either client-side or server-side.
- Added spectator camera controls similar to that of OBJECTPLACE, allowing the player to float in midair however they'd like while spectating.
- Disabled the use of color in user-created chat messages.
- The names of spectators can now be viewed on the rankings screen.
- Added a smaller font for numerals to allow the ammo counter to go above 100.
- Ping autokick experiment implemented, but is disabled by default.
- The random map selection can no longer select the map that you just played.
- Various ERZ2 traps have been set to trigger only in single player to make the map work properly online.
- Added a new match stage, Frost Columns Zone.
- Most of the match stages have been dramatically changed to provide Tails and Knuckles more chances to use their abilities in match.

– Fixed the height of the first CEZ1 Star Post.
- Misplaced DSZ1 exit sector removed.
- Fixed an error involving the ERZ2 shrink tube.
- SRB1 Remake Star Posts no longer unfairly kill players.
- Chaos Emeralds now spawn in Cloud Palace Zone.
- Chaos Emeralds no longer can spawn under the floor in Silver Cascade Zone.
– Fixed some major palette issues that made the game’s colors go wonky after using Alt+Tab or when starting the game initially.
- Fixed the MS Address, and implemented redirects to ensure that anyone with an old config will be sent to the correct address.
- Fixed issues with team scrambling, and consistency failures resulting from the feature.
- Fixed a logic error that allowed netgames with large quantities of players to desynchronize.
- Fixed a typo that prevented linedef type 503 from working.
- Fixed a loophole where collecting an emerald token with all 7 chaos emeralds allowed players to ‘cheat’ the perfect bonus.
- Fixed an obscure error that allowed players to join CTF games without being on a team.
- Fixed the ping command.
- Fixed an issue where a lengthy CECHO could crash the game.
- Fixed an exploit where players could enable cheats in single player and have them carry over to multiplayer.
- Fixed an obscure issue with AUTOAIM that disabled the feature if you had any rail ammo.
- Fixed an issue with too many colormaps crashing the game.
- Various fixes and enhancements to Tag mode.
- Fixed the heat wave weather effect.
- Fixed improperly flipped objects in reverse gravity.
- Fixed tons of misc. bugs reported on the boards.

Note: the enclosed SOCedit in the main download is based on an older version with an issue where it is unable to view VAR2. A working copy has been uploaded here.
Note2: Please take the time to read our updated Master Server Rules before going online.

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