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! Z offsets were masked to 15 bits instead of 16.
+ ++ and -- can be used in Z offsets in a similar fashion to sectors.
+ Preliminary handling of Z offsets in 3D mode: things display at the right
  height, but you still have to aim at the ground to select them.

Originally Posted by Tets
There also appears to be a lot of seemingly random crashing involving hovering over sectors or linedefs. Seriously, random. I'm unable to discover which conditions must be met in order to cause this crash. It just happens.
I haven't been able to reproduce this, although I admit I haven't tried particularly hard. Does it occur more frequently on some maps than on others?

Originally Posted by Tets
Doombuilder - both original and SRB2 versions - refuse to open my single player level Dark Palisades, reporting an overflow error.
Um, it opens fine for me... I'm using the wad from the Addons page -- is this up-to-date?

Originally Posted by KingofFlames
Please fix the texture browser crash, I can't even make SRB2 maps with that stupid crash.
That was the first thing I did, unless you're referring to some other bug in the browser that I don't know about.

That's probably it for this uncharacteristic bout of productivity. I might have some more spare time a fortnight from now, though.
SRB2 Doom Builder | Workbench is still development...
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