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Originally Posted by Sonicandtails218
Things that multiply by 16 for their bitsets normally have a maximum height of 4096, yet the Z offset for those objects won't go past 2048. In the same way, Things that multiply by 32 for height won't go past 1024, when their max is 2048.
I experienced this same bug last night. It displays heights properly if they are manually applied, but it won't accept any input past 2048 (or 1024, as the case may be).

There also appears to be a lot of seemingly random crashing involving hovering over sectors or linedefs. Seriously, random. I'm unable to discover which conditions must be met in order to cause this crash. It just happens.

Lastly, I can't figure why, but Doombuilder - both original and SRB2 versions - refuse to open my single player level Dark Palisades, reporting an overflow error. This is very strange as I originally built the level in Doombuilder. =[
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