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EGGMANWAY7 > Ghost Battle > Flicker Lights Zone > Mother Lode Canyon Zone > Emerald Flower Zone

Spoiler: Reviews
A short but sweet race level with comically harmless Detons and charmingly bad old-style cutscenes. There was one place near the beginning of the level where I once got turned around and wound up so far behind Metal Sonic that I had to restart, but it wasn't a big deal due to the level's brevity, and there's not much to complain about other than that.

Ghost Battle
This level had high production values, but why make me fight the same two bosses three times each with no perceptible differences? Also, the fact that the moving/crushing platforms in the second ghost's room have a sand-fall texture on their sides was confusing enough to get me killed once. I'd recommend just changing them to ordinary rock.

Flicker Lights Zone
The titular gimmick was mildly interesting, but it was wearing thin by the level's end, even with the introduction of the evil eye-lights to spice things up a bit. The level is also pretty inconsistent with how it marks death pits: throughout most of it, all pits have striped warning textures around them (which completely trivializes the 'invisible' path section, by the way), but there are a couple of areas where pits surround even unremarkably textured platforms, and that threw me off a little.

Mother Lode Canyon Zone
This level alternates between solid, if linear, platforming challenges and wide open vistas of nothingness. Both types of area are pretty bare aesthetically, with little scenery and lots of large mono-texture planes, but at least the former is interesting to play through. There's also something weird with the big gray doors in the second half and when and why they open, but I'm not entirely sure what, and this being a half-complete demo does not excuse you from not adding an exit sector at the end. As a side note, part of the reason why Fan Particle Generators are helpful is that they let the player gauge how high a fan will carry them, and it's confusing when the particles stop so far short of the top of the fan's range like they often do here.

Emerald Flower Zone
I rated Mother Lode Canyon higher than this because I got some enjoyment out of its challenging parts despite its flaws, whereas this is just rather boring. Most of this level's rooms are way too empty and devoid of challenge, and sometimes they get so big and tall that the player loses their sense of direction and has to effectively guess which exit is the way forward. The most entertaining thing about this level was the tall room at the end with all of the springs, if only because most SRB2 levels don't let you climb so high so fast.
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