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Hey, I'm Mhx Air.
I've started playing SRB2 about 16 years ago, and I believe I joined the forum in 2010, but that was 7 years ago, and I was some dumb kid, so I wiped my account and requested a name update (pending).
Now I'm a dumb adult, and I enjoy spriting, digital and traditional arts, minor game development and design, as well as being a parkour enthusiast that's addicted to athleticism.

I'm currently building a Pi3 and found a nice port to debian Linux, so here I am after all these years checking out the updates, running v2.1.1.9. I'll have to look into how this port works, since there are way less files than I remember, but I did manage to get a Shadow.wad to load. (Great was btw, better than the one I had years ago. I'll be looking into remapping chaos control to custom button 2, and reinstalling lightdash like in the old builds.)

If anyone has any wads or Lua I should look into, let me know. The game seems almost completely different from the old build I had on my Windows ME. I'll get back into relearning Lua and building wads. I did make an attempt years ago, but maybe there's a newer program for it.

Looking forward to the future of SRB2, and glad to see it still being healthily maintained.
Weaponized autism at its finest.
Currently playing on a Pi3 build.
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