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Sapheros has no idea what's going on and is overreacting to an issue.

The actual problem is that the exploit that crashes games on the master server works just as well if you aren't advertising on it, so long as the exploiter know the IP address of the host. If you have hosted on the MS in the past, the people attacking it may have kept records of it and crash your game if you host privately. You're not in any actual danger of anything serious, though. The only thing this exploit does is crash your game if you are hosting a netgame. They can't hurt the game if you're playing offline and they can't do anything malicious to your machine or network. If you plan to host a private game and are worried about the exploit, sure, change your IP address. But It's not like you're in any danger of anything else if you don't.

Sapheros, this isn't in the rules explicitly, so I'm not giving you an infraction, but don't post overblown panic-inducing, ignorant, reactionary bullshit like that ever again. It is not helpful and causes real issues. We have been fully aware of the exploit issue and if there was a serious threat to people, we would have already made a statement. You are not helping matters by panicking and overreacting.

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