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SP: Neo Canyon Zone > Mad Gadget Zone > Gleaming Caverns Zone > Fire Castle Zone > Thawing Icecap Zone > Eggslimer Battle???!!!

CTF: Mine Maze Zone > Final Destination > Mount Revolvious Zone

Match: Match Meadow Zone > Generic Canyon Zone > Volcano Valley Zone > Refridgerator > Angel Lava

Also some numbering like SpiritCrusher because I like numbers:

Neo Canyon Zone - 7/10

I like this level alot, lots of openness, fun to explore and looks good as well.

Mad Gadget Zone - 6/10

I really like how you've used the gimmicks in this level, but it's a real shame that you didn't expand on them like has been said before.

Gleaming Caverns Repetitive-And-Annoying-Platforming-Zone - 4/10

Jump, jump, jump, miss, lose rings, jump, jump, OH THAT WAS A FAKE PLATFORM, get back, jump, jump, get knocked off of platform by badly placed enemies, die.

Fire Castle Zone - 3/10

This really does feel like one of those good 'ol 1.09.4 maps. Except this one isnt all that good and really average, and has erratic lava behaviour. And why does the lava look so weird anyway? It does not look like the lava in RVZ, for example.

Thawing Icecap Zone - 1/10

Yes, lets spam flame jets which cause horrible lag when they all go off at the same time and slippery ice paths above a death pit. And then there's the fact that you can just walk through the wall behind the 1-up with no effort at all.

Eggslimer Battle!!! - 1/10

I think that what Chrome said perfectly describes this level, but really, I would've expected something better than this.


Mine Maze Zone #3 - 7/10

This level was pretty good as it is, with lots of secrets and good gameplay, although sometimes it was a bit hard to find you way through it.

Final Destination - 4/10

Meh. No weapon rings or boxes make this level feel really bland and boring, like it was done as a rushjob or something.

Mount Revolvious Zone Blue Team Jumps Down to Win Zone - 1/10

What. Ok, I will admit that there is some novelty value to this map once you play it a few times, but I think most players wouldn't consider staying on this map for more than one round.

Match Meadow Zone - 7/10

I liked this level alot, theres lots elevation and lots of room for jumping around and shooting stuff.

Generic Canyon Zone - 7/10

This map has a nice amount of openness and the weapons are placed pretty good as well.

Volcano Valley Zone - 5/10

Ok, I get what you're trying to do with all the lava and flamethrowers around but they're simply too annoying to have a good game of Match without getting hit all the time.

Refridgerator Furnace Zone - 3/10

Well, like has been said earlier this level is way too open which makes finding rings and weapons way too hard.

Angel Lava Zone Obviously Never Seen A Match Level Zone - Level Design 101/10

This is a truly marvelous example of how not to make a Match level. Actually, if you'd make the lava damaging this would make decent boss level instead.
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