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Neo Canyon > Gleaming Caverns > Mad Gadget > Fire Castle >Thawing Icecap > Eggslimer Battle

Not much to comment on Neo Canyon, other than it not being completely finished. I had one more path split planned before the end, but other things came up and I never got time to finish it. Simple as that.

Gleaming Caverns was interesting, but cramped like you're previous level. It also had really irritating jumps that required step up to finish the job. The transparent platforms that shattered were poorly executed. You need to show the player what's going to happen without punishing them for the mistake if they get it wrong, otherwise it will just feel like cheap difficulty.

Mad Gadget was just one gimmick in an ugly room after another, although the gravity switch was interesting, it was the only thing that caught my eye. The bouncing platforms have no limit, so you only need one to reach the entrance to the next room, killing a potentially fun gimmick.

Fire Castle was a mess of various things, lack of direction being the major downfall. Enemy spam being another, and non lethal fire being the last point.

Thawing Icecap was also a mess, but with included ice that caused you to go even faster than you should, along with a lack of thok barrier that makes for a mostly unejoyable experience.

Eggslimer Battle: First comes laughter, then comes sadness, then comes rage.
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