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Flicker Lights > Ghost Battle > EGGMANWAY7 > Emerald Flower > Mother Lode Canyon

My thoughts

Flicker Lights: This was my first finished level in SRB2. It was inspired by the level "Blackout Basement" from Donkey Kong Country. For some reason, I didn't even think of testing the level in OpenGL, witch made the lights pointless because of how the lighting works in that version. Oh well.

Ghost Battle: This was a very unique boss fight. It was kind of long and repetitive though, and the green flame attack was a little annoying.

EGGMANWAY7: This was interesting, a little funny, and the level looked nice, but the platforming was pretty annoying under a time limit. I also thought that going left halfway through the level was an alternate path, but I found out it was for the start of the level after I ended up back there.

Emerald Flower: This level played nicely, but it is way too big, bland, and kind of boring. This one would do better if it was smaller and had something to make it stand out from the generic Green Flower look.

Mother Lode Canyon: This one was also very large and barren. The only enemies are at the end. The platforming sections weren't very fun or interesting. The giant spinning platforms were neat though, but they were just a bit too fast.
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