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Flicker Lights>Eggmanway7>Emerald Flower>Ghost Battle>Mother Lode Canyon

Spoiler: Personal thoughts stuff
Flicker Lights - While the level wasn't spectacular visually, the gimmick itself more than makes up for it. Kinda gave me a feeling of tense throughout which is kinda hard to explain fully. gg yo.

Eggmanway7 - On the complete flipside this level is visually much better but the gimmick, Metal Sonic, I feel was a bit...tacked on? Like this level really didn't seem too designed around a race aspect or using Metal's own abilities making him feel more like an artifical timer than anything...

Emerald Flower - You...effectively made GFZ2. And oddly enough it feels much emptier and a lot less fun than GFZ2. Not much else to say about it...

Ghost Battle - I appreciate the effort in the boss fight...but the boss really is the only thing impressive about the level. And even then the boss honestly bored me with how slow and rareware-y it was...

Mother Lode Canyon - I...find this level a bit tragic. You certainly have the scope for something really neat but everything about this level is very...disjointed and feels like sorta a last-minute submission of whatever you had completed of the level. I see the level was stated as a demo in the subtext and I do hope it improves in the future but until then this isn't
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