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Ghost Battle > Flicker Lights Zone > EGGMANWAY7:Quest for Eggmanways 1 through 4 - REVENGE OF FINAL DEMO > Mother Lode Canyon Zone > Emerald Flower

Too lazy for proper reviews, sorry. Ghost Battle was fun and probably the best boss I've seen in SRB2, even if it drags on a bit. Flicker Lights was a creative use of darkness as a gimmick, but a few sore spots like having to aim on the springs in darkness drug it down a bit. EMW7 has memes, so I can't dislike it, but the level felt like clearing it was trial and error. The canyon map had a lot of really poor design choices and was about five times as big as it needed to be. Glaber's map was exactly what I'd expect GFZ to look like if he had remade it from memory; which is to say it has similar setpieces, but made worse.

oh yeah and before I forget, hi chee
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