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Emerald Flower> Ghost Battle> Flicker Lights> EGGMANWAY7> Mother Load Canyon
Emerald Flower
1:06 : Emerald Flower was created after hearing that the contest may be canceled for the rest of the year if there weren't enough entries.

1:39 : Originally it was intended for there to be another path here. A small bit of the original path remains later on in the level.

3:13 : It was intended that for the good and powerful shields, you'd have to go off the main path.

3:31 : This bit was inspired by a bit from Green Flower's first Lake area, before and after the bridge existed. The original location of the checkpoint was also over here.

4:35 : This horizontal platform was created to help with exploration mostly for sonic players. It was also experimented with to see if I could reduce visual glitches with it by copying a part of the target sector as use as the control sector.

5:52 : This little cave was originally created when the level was intended to be Neo Emerald Lake act 2. The player would had been shot out of a water flow into the stage where geysers would come into play. The original Emerald Lake 2 was merged with Emerald Lake 1.

6:26 : This way came about while remembering the whole thing about "Go where I can See". I will admit, some of this does need a height reduction.

7:51 : I got the idea to do this vertical room from having the ceiling set to a certain height throughout the level. The height, and my experience with using a whole ton of FOF's in another series of levels is what brought this into existence.

Ghost Battle
8:23 : Am I suppose to battle here?

8:27 : What the? The room's changing

8:59 : seems like an easy boss fight at first. but I didn't expect the vacuum.

9:56 : Just when I thought it was over, I was wrong.

11:00 : this boss needs either a slightly bigger opening, or a small number of rings inside.

12:46 : Ok seriously? no opening at all? 

14:30 : Something out this way caught my attention, and sure enough I found this little detail below. An Entire courtyard!

Flicker Lights
17:49 : Not very effective in software mode.

18:54 : Anyone else reminded of the Half Life Hazard course here?

19:30 : The first time I found these eyes, it was apparently the only path split.

22:50 : Once I saw more of these with red lights, I figured they may be dangerous.

22:59 : Figuring out how was the hard part.

23:40 : I was wondering if I was going to see the lights used this way or not.

26:42 : Unnecessary story with kinda hard to read lines for metal Sonic.

27:20 : Excellent music choice!

30:53 : At this point I should note, the race doesn't give much time to think "what's this way?"

32:45 : and now I actually find out what that last path was for. Massive shortcut.

Mother Load Canyon
34:04 : I knew something was wrong when I saw how empty this bit was.

34:21 : the way this was designed, you'd think you should have been thrown up.

35:00 : Extra lives by the checkpoint usually spell out, expect death.

35:49 : I just went right through that rope, didn't I? That shouldn't happen.

36:00 : The ACZ2 music winds up not sounding so good after a while.

36:40 : Why place a hole here in the steps?

37:10 : Shouldn't these sectors be too high for sonic to step up or down?

37:27 : looked like there should have been another path or 2

37:58 : Yikes! these platforms are slippery and flicker!

38:42 : as this is another high death point, I'm cutting out some of the deaths

39:09 : Needs some notification that something happened.

39:24 : looks like a puzzle, but the door is already open.

40:16 : Shouldn't there be something up here? Like maybe even an alternate path?

41:00 : If you have enough time to make a fake wall you have enough to make it bustable. it's just another linedef action number.

43:30 : And yet another fake wall, but this one has an empty room behind it.

44:01 : there's either a missing texture or the floor at the door is too low

44:14 : Okay, if you're going to block the player, make it be a solid barrier not some invisible wall

45:13 : there's nothing here?

46:07 : where did that button come from? It wasn't there earlier.

46:17 : did anything change? It feels like nothing did.

46:41 : missing texture here.
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