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Eggmanway 7 > Ghost Battle > Flicker Lights > Mother Lode Canyon > Emerald Flower


Eggmanway 7, by toaster and Zipper: Video (<3)
The only map that managed to amuse me in some way. Silly cutscenes, silly level clear music, and also those Detons. The race was short but it didn't overstay its welcome, though the rising platforms are indeed a bit of a dumb design.

Ghost Battle, by chi.miru: Video
Not really much of a level, just a boss. But the boss is well made, and the part where you get sucked in was pretty surprising. Only thing is, it drags on for too long, and it barely changes in between the cycles.

Flicker Lights, by Kevin: Video
I can see what you're trying to do with the level, but I'm just not a fan of not being able to see what is in front of me. The level is well made, but it's too dark to see it.

Mother Lode Canyon Zone, by Chaobrother: Video
First of all, what kind of name is this? I do wonder what you were smoking when you came up with that name. Second of all making levels this big and with pieces of flatness without adding anything to act as scenery is really really boring, and makes the level go on for longer than it has to. Also, fans, floating ropes and polyobject platforming above death pits? No thank you.

Emerald Flower Zone, by Glaber: Video
Can't exactly give this points for originality, what with the blatant copying of areas from GFZ (GFZ2 in particular), only edited a little and made much bigger than they have to be. Using pancake.lua on this level actually made it better because it was just so goddamn tall. And the level is not even engaging, all it has is some Crawlas and springs. In Mother Lode Canyon there was at least the danger of death pits.
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