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Ghost Battle > Eggmanway7 > Flicker Lights Zone > Mother Lode Canyon > Emerald Flower Zone

Ghost Battle: The most interesting boss I have ever played since Robo-hood in 2.0. I love it. This boss is fun and tricky, although a little long. I just couldn't help but mention that if you plan to do a rerelease on this boss, PLEASE, extend the range of his inhalation attack. There were moments where I avoided the attack by being on the other side of the map, or being far away from it.

Eggmanway7: I heard of the Eggmanway series, and about it not being good or something... But the metal sonic race shown here allows me to join the pack. But to be honest, I like it, it was challenging, VERY challenging, and the ending pretty much got me rolling.

Flicker Lights: The moment I looked at this zone, I re-imagined the light platforms from Haunted Heights. While this level was NOTHING like that (Thank God) It was a little dull, the light... DOES things... but it shows no proper purpose other than to warn the player about things. Though, what got me a little scared were the red eyes in the Zone. What the hell were they for?! Anyways, I liked the exit of the level, it had made me think for a few seconds, thinking: Why the hell did I spawn in an abandoned factory?! But eh, better than the last two.

Mother Lode Canyon: Megaman Legends 2? I think not. This level is just an anniversary of level elements I liked the least in SRB2. Rails in midair (Blue Mountain Zone), Rope hanging in Mid Air (Arid Canyon Zone), Mid-air Fans (Sonic's Final Egg From SADX 2.0), and hidden pits in a stair sequence. Good. Lord. In the future, please try to look over these segments listed, these are examples of what not to put in a sonic level, or just levels in general. (Some people would dislike this critique since the only level I made was Battlefield, but eh, this is serious business)

Emerald Flower Zone: Glaber, a day before the end of submissions, I warned you two weeks is a bad amount of time to create a level. This level is a perfect example of this. Please, try to make the levels a little INTERESTING. Add a new enemy, make the level challenging, and at the very least, take SOME TYPE OF TIME. You had four months... Anyways, the level was dull and while i didn't get GFZ2 out of this, It just seemed like I couldn't stop finding shields all over the place. It was too easy, and while I don't mind new beginner levels, they don't fit at all because we have GFZ to provide beginner stuff. Like Sonic Says: Gotta Try Harder! ~ Sonic Riders.

I'm not feeling confident about the MP levels, but I'll save room for a review (maybe)
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