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Originally Posted by glaber View Post
I'm just having a hard time deciding if I want to submit a level that's almost ready for release, or make a new one for this.
IMO I would use the one nearly ready. Releasing it in the levels section (at least not without an initial OLDC release) isn't the best way to get good amounts of people to play your levels or at least give you detailed feedback in my past experience. You can start that next one for the other OLDC.

Also, a question:
Custom textures, music, SOCs, Lua, and any other lumps other than a header and the map itself are not allowed in the match and capture the flag divisions.
I don't know much about textures, SOCs, or Lua, but why is custom music not allowed in MP maps? Certainly it can't be because it could take up an existing slot and change another map's music if it happens to use the same slot. There's a lot of free slots- over 1,200 possible slots, solely counting the slots from A0 to ZZ (excluding used ones, but that's still a lot). Just curious, really.
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