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I actually beat Mega Man 7 two days ago and I gotta say, the final boss was hard as shit. But it was still fun. I forgot last year I bought the Legacy Collection of Mega Man on Steam so right now, I'm playing through 2-6 because I already beat 1 last year.
MM7's final boss is really interesting. It's the only Wily Machine I can think of that gives the player incentive to use multiple weapons in the same fight.... Wild coil is its weakness, freeze cracker has the most reach, and thunder bolt allows you to circumvent the first attack in his pattern. There's also a bit of strategy in that you can opt to take damage from the yellow projectiles rather than the red ones since they do less damage -- and you can definitely avoid taking damage altogether, though it requires damn good positioning and some tactical sliding. A lot of depth for what might be the hardest final boss in the classic series.

Honestly, it's pretty impressive just how much attention to detail was placed into the game for how short the development cycle was. I wouldn't call it perfect by any means, but there's enough polish to put it on the level of 2 and 3 IMO.

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