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If I may, I have a few things to point out as well as some suggestions:
  • There are HOMs in a few maps, but I wouldn't be able to name them off right off the bat.
  • Why is there a white square next to the boss cages that you can walk into?
  • Some entities produce errors, for example one outside the large ending cave near the end of some versions of GFZ2
  • There may not be too much you can do about it, but it's kind of annoying that I missed an emblem in one of the Greenflower versions and I have no idea which one it is by looking at the statistics screen.
  • You should probably make it so that the Special Stages and maps outside of Beta Quest or the other "campaigns" that either don't have emblems or don't have a proper title don't show up in statistics.
  • The museum was a nice idea, but it would really do some good if you made custom textures or used a wider variety of textures in the first place.
  • I don't always want to play through all three acts of a stage before I get sent back to the hub. Seperating Acts 1, 2, and 3 into more doors would probably help.
  • Egg Satellite seems out-of-place, especially since all 6 other special stages were on-foot. Perhaps replace it with Special Stage 7 from 2.0
  • Special Stage 2 is way too hard for a Special Stage 2, but it may just be my lack of skill.
  • Now that 2.1.15 is out, you can finally replace your pseudo-slopes in SRB2TGF with real slopes.
  • Why not replace the bosses in the museum with duplicates that either have no functionality or don't play sounds?
  • EDIT: I noticed there was actually more special stage maps listed in the MAINCFG, and some of them actually do exist. If it's possible, I'd recommend making something like a Special Stage hub to play through the various different versions instead of being locked into the 7 you picked.
EDIT 2: I believe I also crashed once in BQ THZ2 but I couldn't replicate it either.
EDIT 3: I found one of the secret stages in SRB2Christmas, but this oddity occured.
Spoiler: Spoilers for a Secret

I don't even know how something like this could occur, but something tells me FSonic isn't responsible.

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