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Originally Posted by W.A.C. View Post
So I noticed the records listed on that site show the best score, time, and rings for all three characters. Is there a way to do that in the game? For the time attack page, it only shows the best overall score, time, and rings for whichever character got the best rank. I was thinking of doing time attacks on later stages with all three characters, but I'm not able to see the best results for all three characters.
The game saves replays for all characters' bests individually. Just upload all of them.

Originally Posted by RedEnchilada View Post
Can an SDL2 EXE be used for recording video-based records? Fraps can't record windowed Software on the main EXE and I won't be able to see my timer otherwise. I can use OBS but it has awful quality and tends to lag the game out a bit.
Originally Posted by Vash View Post
What would one recommend for good editing/video recording usage? (ie: One that can mix both SRB2 and WSplit/LiveSplit)

(Preferred something that doesn't cost, so using a torrent is out of the question)
I'd just like to remind you that the external timer display is not a requirement, it's just preferred because it makes it much easier to check your proof. But, I wholly understand that some may have trouble recording both at the same time, which is why it's not a requirement.

Originally Posted by Goldenhog View Post
Anyway, was that weird issue with Record Attack fixed in the 2.1.7 patch? Is that the reason the records were wiped?
Yes, that's exactly why.

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