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Originally Posted by CreativeMind View Post
ERZ Isnt impossible, and it is challenging. Also, earlier in the thread, I feel like the advice that I had given you as well as anyone who had troubles with ERZ seemed fine (If you dont remember it was to just playthrough the level, calmly and slowly, use common sense before entering an obstacle, beat the level, them practice it again and learn its secrets until you completely master that level). However, it seems that the advice wasnt taken...
Also, the random message, its just for trolls and laughs. I personally find it funny. I doubt they would remove it.
I can easily beat ERZ now...after spending about 50 lives memorizing the place, which is NOT how you should beat a level in a video game.
I hate it when you have to die over and over to be able to be good at a level. I would like being able to run through a level without dying a bunch of times just to get more experience.
The thing is, when you die in a game, you either feel like it was your fault or the game's fault. In this case, I feel like it's the game's fault with the cheap traps and level design. Even when I try my very best, the traps still get the best of me.
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