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I apologize, I wasn't aware there WERE arguments on the other side. All I heard was "stop being a baby" and "these levels are already fine."

Personally, I think ERZ should be a challenging, but not impossible, fun level full of traps. In it's current state, ERZ is a gauntlet of death traps and mouse-throw inducing challenges. When I play ERZ, I don't feel like I'm having fun. I feel like I'm being trapped in a cage with people shaking the cage back and forth. I don't ever enjoy myself playing this zone because I know there's going to be another trap right around the corner.

I play video games to ESCAPE REALITY AND RELAX, not to be frustrated by this zone. I feel like I want to put the game down and go back to reality, something GOOD video games don't make me feel. (Unless of course you're playing Minecraft and you fall into lava, bullcrap!)

Also, one last thing, the random message when you quit the game is unnecessary and frustrating.
"What, is ERZ too hard for you?"
I want to yell at my screen when I see this message. Because back when I couldn't beat ERZ, I felt like the developers were taunting me. They basically are. They threw me into a four act gauntlet, and when I quit, all I get is a taunt. Absolutely fricking wonderful.
ERZ Isnt impossible, and it is challenging. Also, earlier in the thread, I feel like the advice that I had given you as well as anyone who had troubles with ERZ seemed fine (If you dont remember it was to just playthrough the level, calmly and slowly, use common sense before entering an obstacle, beat the level, them practice it again and learn its secrets until you completely master that level. To sum this up, basically dont rush through the level). However, it seems that the advice wasnt taken...
Also, the random message, its just for trolls and laughs. I personally find it funny. I doubt they would remove it.
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