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If OpenGL is impletented...
Originally Posted by CarrierHack on Retro
In this tutorial I will explain you how to rip ds models from a ds game.
Note: I only know how to/can rip from .nsbmd files, not from any other model format

You'll need:
A ds rom which uses .nsbmd as model format (you'll have to look into it with tahaxan)

I'll be using the mario kart ds rom for example, since that uses .nsbmd for characters and karts.

First, open tahaxan, and open the mario kart ds rom. You'll see this:

Now you have to navigate you to the models. Just open some folders, and you'll find them. The models from the karts are in data/KartModerMenu/kart. You should see this:

Now we have to extract the models. Open up a folder (the karts are each in a different folder, per character). I take mario's kart for example. There are three different karts (kart_MR_a, b and c). I pick kart_MR_c. Extract both kart_MR_c.nsbmd and kart_MR_c.nsbtx. kart_MR_c.nsbtx contains the textures.
Note: In some cases .nsbmd contains both model data and textures
If you have these models extracted, place them in a folder, together with the nsbmd program.

You'll notice 2 versions of opengl32.dll. First, rename OpenGL32[texturedump].dll to OpenGL32.dll. Now; drag kart_MR_c.nsbmd into nsbmd.exe. You should see this:

Now, press F on your keyboard, and wait a few second. Then close the program. A folder called Frame_[number] should have appeared. Open, it, then open the folder "images" which is in it. The textures are there.

Rename OpenGL32.dll to something else, and rename OpenGL32[modeldump].dll to OpenGL32.dll. Drag kart_MR_c.nsbmd into nsbmd.exe, and it'll ask you for a .glr file. Browse through your computer and select screencap.glr (which was included with the nsbmd download). Do not move/zoom/rotate the cam before doing this! Press "Scroll Lock" on your keyboard, wait a few seconds, then move around the cam abit. It should have dumped screencap.obj in the same folder as screencap.glr. The object file is really messed up, and not uv-mapped. Now, open metasequoia, open screencap.obj, and click on object/align faces.

File/SaveAs, and save it as an .obj file. Now you have the model, and the textures. You only have to texture it yourself.
Note: Some models are messed up (not only missing faces), you will have to fix those by hand.
Also some faces might need to be flipped

If you've textured it properly, this is the result:

...this shit would be awesome in Kart mode. Suggested for teh lulz.
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