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No. When we feel OpenGL is fixed enough to be put back in, we will put it back in.

Let's say we decide to put it back in now. There will be a few issues:

1) Designer choices. If the effects don't work in OpenGL, it won't be used
2) Fog blocks don't work properly at all
3) Everyone would use OpenGL screenshots in their video game reviews and since OpenGL in SRB2 is currently broken, they will have either crashes or just things looking out of place which is not good at all.

Number 1 in that list is a big one since I know there are people that wouldn't use the new features because it wouldn't work in OpenGL or if there is a mod that has OpenGL only effects, they want to be able to use software mode as well if they have to and that is not what we are going after. We want everything to be equal as much as possible.
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