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btw do not touch the sonic
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Especially if there are gonna be actual bots that are gonna follow/shoot you in the future?
Yes I'm working on this sort of concept (From Match NPCs I can make following NPCs because how their walking system works also can be slightly remade for other types of NPCs.
Also here's list of planned NPC types:
  • Match NPC (he's going to automaticly go for rings and try to shot you down)
  • Following NPCs (he's like a bot in co-op SRB2JTE aka when you walk they walk after you when you jump they jump and so on)
  • Pro NPCs (Those guys can do all the single player levels them self but I don't think i can do them alone :P)
  • Race NPCs (They are just going to race against you selfexplanatory. Maybe I will co-op with Tamkis to do most of idea above)

Sorry for being kinda mute but I work on NPCs hard but I fixed two major bugs
  • The bug where NPCs were cloning rings
  • The bug where NPC's rings were not disappearing and here's a gif of the bug fix in unrealesed version
Spoiler: Yay bug fixes

Also for these who are interested in other types of NPCs here's a little preview on Match NPCs
Spoiler: New stuff is good

I think the update was great and see you next time!
Yes i'm going to fix the bug where NPC jump backwards after being hit by anything (FIXED) and of course any other bugs like NPC's "death jump" has low gravity in water. (FIXED)
Actually I added new feature that is the npc splash when they go to water and maybe i'm going to add teleporting suport too.
Well that's alot of edits and I removed an feature once again (the splashing by the way) also I had a ban from computers so I could work that much :P
hi you just wasted some second of your live on this

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