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Wants to make maps again
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Okay, first off actual screenshots of the intro:

Spoiler: Intro

Now, for the main purpose of this post: the levels list!

Spoiler: Level List
1. Grassy Ruin Zone
2. Sacred Temple Zone
3. Sunbaked Sands Zone
4. Mountain Ravine Zone
5. Technic Tundra Zone
6. Oceanic Stronghold Zone
7. Rainy Savanna Zone
8. Volcanic Warehouse Zone
9. Abandoned Base Zone
10. Toxic Tunnels Zone
11. Doomed City Zone
12. Charged Lake Zone
13. Flooded Plain Zone
14. Stellar Takeoff Zone Act 1
15. Stellar Takeoff Zone Act 2
16. Battleship Flight Zone
17. Unstable Core Zone
18. Superficial Wreck Zone
19. Silver Asteroid Zone
20. Secret Mine Zone
21. Subterranean Corridors Zone
22. Cracked Hull Zone
23. Clone Factory Zone

Feedback on either of these would be greatly appreciated!
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Maybe I'll start modding again?
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