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Windows 8.1, on any locale, SRB2 2.1.14 but it's been an issue since the 2.0 times, only decided to post about it now because it's becoming more and more common over time.

Downloading game files from servers is quite troublesome.
Sometimes downloads freeze, other times they don't even start and instead try downloading srb2.srb, other times again they are interrupted abruptly by an error message, and we all know that happens...

There's a rare chance though that something far more annoying (especially if the file itself is large) might happen, and I don't know if it's been documented before on the forums: the download actually reaches and continues PAST the filesize, even showing absurdities like 678K/144K @ 472KB/s (while the effective download speed never gets close to 50, go figure over 400) and then just freezes just like any other download.
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